meet the coolikans

The Coolikan Writers Block is ignited and united by love for the Father, community justice and empowerment, and free thought and expression.  We dare to be raw, honest, and provocative, holding nothing back from the narrative of radical righteous living.


ELISE LOCKAMY (29) is a Brooklyn, NY native residing in Atlanta, GA.  She describes herself as a devoted daughter, loyal friend, and encouraging older sister, with a big heart and an old soul.  Her nicknames range from “granny” to “Angela Davis”, reflecting her desire to share wisdom and also spark a cultural revolution from time to time.  Her radical (but warm and peace-loving) spirit loves adventure.  When not spending time with her puppy Pepper, she enjoys writing, dancing, and singing. She laughs at everything, and loves living as God’s delight.  With the Holy Spirit as a guide, she is learning how to step out of fear and walk into a trusting romance with Christ.

@WarriorLise; Warrior Lessons


ACASIA OLSON (30) is not sure where she’s from, (Alabama, Germany, New Jersey, the DC Metro Area, ATL…who knows) but her tent is currently in the evergreen kingdom of Seattle, WA.  As a little girl, she used to envision herself as a superhero/X-Woman (Storm anyone?) on a quest to rid the world of tyranny/evil/drab.  While she’s still looking to spark change and turn the world upside down, she’s taking a few notes from Kid President and Jesus (Be Awesome (by dancing) and Speak the Truth in Love).  She is married to the love of her life and can usually be found in the middle of an adventure.

@embrace_healing; For Future Reference


Founding Member and Special Contributor


OBEHI JANICE (29) is an actress, playwright, and all around fly-a$$ chick from Lowell, Massachusetts. She enjoys Arrested Development, brunch, and Batman. She is Nigerian-American by birth but a daughter of God by encounter (and for that, she is forever grateful!) She has two first names. It’s a long story. Obehi currently resides in Boston but dreams of working in cartoons (which would require a move to LA) and/or cultural diplomacy (which would require working for Obama, nice!)


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