why we exist

Somebody lied to us.
Somebody told us that Black girls were impoverished and uneducated.
Somebody told us that Black Christian girls were boring prudes on the outside but had dirty little secrets on the inside.
Somebody told us to hide our voices so that we wouldn’t cause a ruckus.
Somebody told us that being a follower of Christ meant conforming to the “right” way and losing identity.
Somebody lied to us.

So we’re about to set the record straight and let it be known.

COOLIKANS believe that:

1. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.  His promise of abundant living chases us down and propels us toward righteousness.  With Him, in Him, we live lives of purpose, intention, and freedom.

2. Everyone has a light and a voice.  Our writing world is a space for creative and honest expressions of righteous indignation, cultural rebellion, and generational empowerment.

3. Words, inspired truths, can tear down cultural injustices and ignite purpose-driven living.   The inspired Word of God posits us in the embrace of a loving Father.  With Him, words can posit a generation to embrace power, unity, and identity.

4. There is beauty in Blackness, femininity, and masculinity that the world has yet to behold.  This begins a journey of emergence and revelation, a journey that continues until no one is left to say “I do not yet see it”.


Speak up! Thoughts and comments are welcome:

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