we exist, and then some.

by Obehi Janice

Last night, I witnessed a legacy being drawn in the sand and pillars falling down.

viola and uzo and regina give me hope. ‘nuf said.

no, there’s more. there’s always more.

would you believe it? viola’s powerful, life-giving speech last night caused some white “well-meaning” haters to shout out claims that “all actresses live matter” (ahem, nancy lee grahn, go in a corner and wear this dunce hat.)

here’s the text from viola’s speech (snatched from Newsweek’s twitter account):


Of course you’re angry, nancy lee grahn and co. Why should I, a Black actress, speak life into my own existence? Why should I who was carefully created by God himself stake a claim in a space, in an arena that has historically asked me to bow down to white supremacy? Why are you angry, Nancy? Are you angry that I exist? Are you angry that the natural evolution of representation in media is putting a dent in your notions of superiority?

I gotta stop giving breath to Nancy.

What *viola did that last, what **uzo shared last night, and what ***regina gave me with her smile last night are enough for me to keep pushing.

I exist, and then some.

We exist, and then some.

*Viola Davis was the first Black woman in the history of the Emmys to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Salute.

**Uzo Aduba won her consecutive Emmy for the same role but in a different category (she’s the second person in the history of the award to do so!)

***The Emmys finally recognized Regina King for being the Queen Actress that she is. Last night’s award was her first nomination and her first win. Yep!