Coolikan Podcast #5 – Church Scars: The need for healing in the church

By Acasia, Elise and Obehi

On this podcast we discuss the recent resignation of Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of Mars Hill, a multi-site mega church that this now preparing to close its doors.  This is not the first time a church leader has resigned nor is it the first time the Christian Church has been riddled with controversy.  The Coolikans discuss church scars, the need for healing in the Body of Christ, the importance of discernment,  the role of checks and balances re leadership in the church and the need to #BeLikeTheBereans.

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(photo credit: Ryan McGuire)

Honorable Mentions

Book: Blindspot

Mindy Kalig is mistaken for Malala Yousafzai: Article (US Magazine)

Mars Hill Church Closes: Article  (Relevant Magazine)

Mark Driscoll resignation message: Link 1     Link 2

Lecrae interview with Bad Christian: Podcast

#BeLiketheBereans: Who are the Bereans?


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