Coolikan Podcast #6 – W is for Woman

“Women Hold up Half the Sky” -Mao Zedong

On this podcast, the Coolikans discuss the role, worth and social constructs of womanhood.  We celebrate the strengths and benefits of being a woman.  We also challenge the messages that we receive from childhood through adulthood that counter our personal definition of womanhood, and often lead us to believe that our sole purpose on earth is to make others, and specifically men, happy.

What does it mean to be a woman?

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**Honorable Mentions**

The Hidden Power of a Woman by Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda


“It’s for You”

By: Acasia

“If the devil comes knocking on a door you closed long ago, just call out, “Jesus! It’s for you!” – RJG On a Whim

I read the above excerpt from a journal of mine and got excited.  The devil won’t stop knocking and will try to pick the lock or break in to that door you closed no matter how much you resist or ‘pretend you’re not home’ in hopes that he’ll go away.
But I love knowing that we can ask Jesus to answer that door.  It’s like when I was a child and an uninvited person knocked or rang the doorbell.  I wasn’t allowed to answer, and as I got older I didn’t want to answer, so we would usually ask my dad, the strongest and most intimidating person of the family, to answer just in case it was someone who meant us harm (we had faith that my dad could send a message that this house is off limits).
Spiritually, we have faith that Christ is the One who can open that door in response to Satan’s knocks and just send that incontrovertible message, “This child, this body, this person, this temple is off limits.”
So don’t be upset or anxious if a temptation or a closed door tries to open itself back up in your life.  Go ahead and let Jesus take care of it.
~Be Well.

Coolikan Podcast #5 – Church Scars: The need for healing in the church

By Acasia, Elise and Obehi

On this podcast we discuss the recent resignation of Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of Mars Hill, a multi-site mega church that this now preparing to close its doors.  This is not the first time a church leader has resigned nor is it the first time the Christian Church has been riddled with controversy.  The Coolikans discuss church scars, the need for healing in the Body of Christ, the importance of discernment,  the role of checks and balances re leadership in the church and the need to #BeLikeTheBereans.

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(photo credit: Ryan McGuire)

Honorable Mentions

Book: Blindspot

Mindy Kalig is mistaken for Malala Yousafzai: Article (US Magazine)

Mars Hill Church Closes: Article  (Relevant Magazine)

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Lecrae interview with Bad Christian: Podcast

#BeLiketheBereans: Who are the Bereans?