Coolikan Podcast #4 – Epidemics and Entertainment

By:  Obehi, Acasia and Elise

The Coolikans sit down and discuss high profile topics that took October by storm, including the Ebola epidemic and the national response to the first reported cases in the U.S. We also take time to review Fall’s evening television, movies, and entertainment.

NOTE: Given the subject of this podcast, we want to clarify that when talking about student loan debt, we are hoping for a computer virus to wipe out the loan repayment system NOT a human virus.  We are about health and wellness and don’t want people to get sick, we just want our student loan debt to be miraculously cleared.

Honorable Mentions 

Year of Jubilee: CLICK HERE

Psalm 91: LINK

Ebola: CDC Ebola Website CLICK HERE

The Mindy Project: LINK

Dear White People: LINK

A.O. Scott New York Times Critique of “Dear White People”: LINK

ABC Thursday Night Lineup: LINK


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