#OneWord365: TRUST

by Obehi Janice


Elise shared #OneWord365 with me just over a year ago in December 2012.

#OneWord365 asks you to choose one word in lieu of a tedious checklist of New Year’s Resolutions. They ask you to

1. pick a word

2. blog about it

3. and then join their community through Twitter, Facebook, and email and share life with others

For 2013, I chose the word MOVE because I wanted to travel independently and push through some hard-to-reach artistic goals. Here’s a general recap on how MOVE made an impact on my life.


-moved to an awesome new (and affordable) apartment in Boston. My bedroom tripled in size and I lived with three new roommates who challenged my personality, brought me joy and laughter, and taught me how to thrive in the midst of adversity (can we say mice?)

-was invited to perform my solo play FUFU & OREOS in Chicago in February by MPAACT, a Black theater company. The trip was awesome (my first time in Chi-town) and I got to stay with my roommate’s parents for free (huge blessing!)

-took two road trips and attended some faith-based conferences

  • one to Philadelphia for the Justice Conference. I also made five new close friends from that trip. I also started developing my theology of justice with other believers (especially a lot of hippie Christians from Portland.)

  • one to Kansas City, Missouri with Elise. We attended the STAND CONFERENCE, a conference that focuses on what the Holy Spirit is saying about the prophetic destiny of the Black community. I experienced the Holy Spirit’s presence, God’s protection, and Christ’s guidance over my prayer life. I also got to hang out with my sister-in-Christ and blast Boyz II Men from Kansas City to Nashville to Atlanta.

-saved up money for a solo trip to Lagos, Nigeria in July where I hung out with my friend/filmmaker O.M. Ajayi and saw some of my family on my Mother’s side (all my family is in Nigeria)

-created and produced my first comedic rap video, BLACK GIRL YOGA

-started writing and submitting plays. They ended up in two festivals.

-founded COOLIKAN with Acasia and Elise!

-did something terrifying and started taking improv classes. I also perform long-form improv comedy in Cambridge

-traveled to the Berkshire Fringe Festival in August to perform FUFU & OREOS

-was accepted into a writers’ residency for female playwrights to develop FUFU & OREOS with a director and development team

-moved farther from home and lessened my visits to my mother. This has been the toughest transition but it’s made me and her stronger

-joined the prayer and intercession team at my church

-moved into new friendships and relationships

-moved out of friendships and relationships

-gained new understanding about my strained relationship with my Father (who I haven’t spoken to or seen in seven years)

-gained three new roommates who are like sisters to me

-moved into a new awareness about my lack of trust in God as my Father

moving forward…

My #OneWord365 for 2014 is TRUST. I’ve known it for awhile and when memory of my year of MOVE hit my heart I could hear God say, “You moved all right. Now I need you to trust me. Trust the transformative power of my Son’s death. Trust that the Holy Spirit is with you always. And trust that you are powerful to do all the things you think of. I am here for you even in the tiniest idea or thought. Trust me.”

I am also going to sign up for a gym membership. Just for the heck of it.