Saying Goodbye to Addiction

by Elise Lockamy
Pornography has never been a stronghold in my life. Sugar, yes. Porn, no. I have been exposed to it, but I guess my fear of being caught overpowered the addictive prowess of the words and images.
I am finding that women, my sisters in Christ, have been and continue to be snared by porn and its derivatives.  (I expected it from men but my sisters too? Yes.)
I purchased a book recently.  It’s the predecessor and companion work of “Captivating”. It’s called “Wild at Heart” and features the keys to what lies underneath the sometimes distant and withdrawn features of every man. The author brings the reader back to the true and intimate core of a man, as God designed.  It’s not a self-help book. It’s a self reveal.
In it the author writes, “The less a guy feels like a real man in the presence of a real woman, the more vulnerable he is to porn.”
Whoop, there it is!
But Lord what about women? Why are we also ensnared?
I believe, the less a woman feels like a beauty, worthy of pursuit, in the presence of godliness,  the more susceptible she is to hiding in the shadows of counterfeit intimacy.
Counterfeit intimacy?  Pornography, an abusive relationship, an undefined relationship status.  Yes, counterfeit.
But there is one who calls us beautiful – no matter how much we weigh, what clothes we wear, how accomplished we are, our relationship statuses, or the amount of funds in our bank accounts. And he pursues, continuously.  He is relentless.
The recovery process begins with a prayer. Lord, I come humbly before you with a heart crying out for more.  I long to bear purity and righteousness as fixtures of my soul.  I have used pornography as a substitute for true intimacy. Forgive me.  I ask now that you begin a process of restoration in me.  Renew my mind. Show me beauty.  Show me beauty in me. Remind me of your tireless pursuit of me.  Reveal it through nature. Reveal it through your Word. I am ready to be revealed.  Thank you for being my rock,  my sword, and my shield.  Thank you for being the lover of my soul.  May we be joined together,  forever.  In Jesus’ mighty name,  Amen.
My sisters, He is with you.  I stand with you in this fight for a reclaiming of your hearts and minds.  Let’s rejoice now,  knowing that the battle’s already been fought and won,  and that we have overcome.
Originally posted on December 4, 2013 to Warrior Lessons.  Travel there for more inspiration on living whole and free.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Addiction

  1. Such powerful wisdom and insight spoken here! I am most appreciative of this prayer of restoration for us; and yet,what of our men?
    Speaking to the core of God’s design: He laid man down and removed a portion of his flesh to create woman – how has ‘man’ become so wounded to believe he is so unworthy, how is it that we ‘expect’ certain behaviours from our brothers but remain surprised to find it in ourselves?
    The best trick of the enemy of our souls, smh!
    We go with them because we are of them. If they are not of God, then this sinful nature, inherent to mankind, since the beginning, begins it’s hostage taking process, in the form of addictions, abuse…etc.
    Q: Because we are created in submission(?)ie, sleeping man,under his arm,close to his heart, etc, does this make us quicker to submit to the Lord’s pursuit?
    For our brothers:
    RISE UP! you no longer get a pass! It is time for healing and freedom to live by your Creators design. Jeremiah 29;11 – 14 :
    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of PEACE, and not of evil, to give you an EXPECTED end(no surprises). Then you shall call upon me, and I will hearken unto you. And YOU SHALL (take action ,brothers) seek me, and find me, when you search for me with All your heart! (and here is the best part!…) And I WILL BE FOUND BY YOU, saith the Lord: and I will TURN AWAY ALL YOUR CAPTIVITY, and I will gather you from all the places where I have driven you, saith the LOrd: and I will bring you again(did you once taste of HIS goodness) into the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.(Even in our captivity – HE is still in control).
    (*all emphasis mine,lol)
    Elise, I cannot agree with you more, ( i take liberty here):”My brothers He is with you. I stand with you in this fight for a reclaiming of your hearts and minds. Let’s rejoice now, knowing that the battle’s already been fought and won, and that WE have overcome. ~ humbly submitted by a former captive ~ running.

    • Ana, thank you for reading and commenting. It is funny that we “expect” certain behaviors from men, and neglect that we were derived from man, and also that both man and woman were created in the image of God. Sounds like we need to learn more about one another – and God’s true design – in order to help one another overcome and thrive! I love the scripture you included as a message of encouragement to our brothers. Your notice to “rise up” is a powerful directive, as most of the time the message we hear from the world is to shrink back and hide in the shadows. Thankful that our brothers have an ally in you. And that you, “former captive”, are racing toward freedom! -Elise

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