PSA: I don’t want to hear about TWERKING anymore

by Obehi Janice

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I wrote this last week Wednesday when the discussion was still high.)

I don’t want to hear about twerking anymore.

I italicize twerking because according to my Facebook timeline, it’s an exotic form of dance movement that defines the Black female race. The foreign, the exotic, and the unknowable deserve an italic.

I don’t want hear about twerking anymore from ANYBODY because every time it’s brought up, I feel like Black female bodies are under attack, whether we twerk or not.

Who are we, Black women?

I’d love to hope that we are all daughters of God.

I’d love to think that our righteousness is not found below our backs but within our hearts.

To the father, mother, artistic team, and deluded fan base of the little-White-girl-who-should-not-be-named: SHAME ON YOU.

Shame on you for supporting her exploitation of Black female bodies
Shame on you for allowing her to use her body as a tool for sex
Shame on you for permitting her to lick her lips
Shame on you for “re-defining” sexual power
Shame on you for fetishizing her youth
Shame on you for reducing her soul to a tacky base line